Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monthly Challenge - December

Parsons Photography has started a new monthly challenge! Every month Patrick, Dave and I are challenging ourselves to take one photo that best describes that particular month.

December was sort of a they are:
First shot is Dave's
Next is Patrick's
Then mine

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let it snow? Oh no!

I guess since I have lived in CT my entire life less 2 years (I lived in Chicago for two years, miss it terribly, but I guess that's another post...) I need to expect anything from the weather! Thanks to Mother Nature, the ceiling in my outter office/studio collapsed! We (now) joke that the drop ceiling dropped! Fortunately no one was hurt (Dave happened to walk through it 2 seconds before it happened) and most equipment was spared (my backdrop stand was thankfully the only casuality). But it forced me to rethink things.

A new year and a new studio! We just completed remodeling the office to include the studio and "Santa" was kind enough to provide us with a new backdrop frame and a new backdrop (thanks, Mom & Dad!). And my kids were kind enough to model for everything!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It was a tough Christmas for us this year - so I'm posting a little late. My niece was in the hospital and my daughter had a 102 degree fever. Here are a couple of pics of the kids pre-sick!

I hope the new year brings more HEALTH with it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's cold here!!

We just burrowed out of our 15" snowstorm - the poor kids have cabin fever (plus Alexandra had to get to school today - we could NOT miss the Christmas party!)! We went out yesterday and I took some shots of the kids playing - or trying to walk at least!

Here's poor Evanthea trying to walk!

Here's Alexandra explaining the fine art of making snow angels!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cute Poem

I had a good chuckle this morning when I received an email from AWFPI (Association for Wedding Professionals International).

'Twas the night before New Years
And all through the house,
The girlfriend was angry
She wasn't a spouse!

She hoped for the joy
That Christmas would bring.
But Christmas had passed,
And she still had no ring!

They'd been together
For over two years.
Long-term commitment-
That must be his fear.

She thought, "That's the reason
That I'm still single.
I'm breaking it off!
Then the phone gave a jingle.

"Come outside," said the voice,
And then went away.
She opened the door,
And there was a sleigh!

He wisked her away,
Grinned like a fox
Got down on one knee
And opened the box.

T'was the first day of New Year
Her eyes opened wide.
"Yesterday, I'm a girlfriend.
Today, I'm a bride!"

She started to panic
"There's so much to do!
To plan a whole wedding.
What do I do?

How do I afford
Everything that I need
To end up with the wedding
Of which I have dreamed?"

Then she remembered
That magazine page,
A F W P I dot com
Before she was engaged.

Her eyes, how they twinkled!
Her smile seemed to glow!"
I can plan everything
At the Bridal Expo !"

Reception hall! Caterer!
Florist and tux!
Save money, save time,
And no acid reflux!

Video! DJ! Photo!
Limousine & Gown!
I won't have to be running
All over the town!"

So she called her attendants
To the shows they all flew.
Ate catering samples
And wedding cake, too!

And I heard her exclaim
Holding prizes she won,
"I found all that I need
Now my planning is done!"

Richard Markel adapted a poem sent to him by Will Haggerty of Bridal Fashion Debut in Arizona for the original. Thank you both for the laugh!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Holidays from Parsons Photo

Oddly enough, I actually found a few minutes free this season to take some pics of the kids! And I just got my holiday cards in the mail! Not bad!! :)

Here's our card this year:

Happy Holidays from Parsons Photography!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Naomi & Dave Holiday Session

Or should I say Naomi, Dave & Jasper?! They braved our little snow storm this weekend to come to the studio for their holiday session this weekend! Jasper was a wonderful pup - although I think he was a little disappointed with the small studio and not enough things to go through!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 40th, Mom & Dad!

Today is my parents' 40th anniversary! so last week, Dave, Tom & I got together to do a granddaughters shot. It took a few creative distractions, but we did it! Happy 40th, Mom & Dad!