Friday, January 30, 2009

January's Monthly Challenge

Ok, here is what the three of us came up with for January's monthly challenge! What do you think? Does it describe January?

Here's Dave's, I think it sums up this month!

Here's Patrick's - definitly describing this January!!

And I had two - it was a long month!

Dave & I sort of collaborated on a silly one (Elmo has had a rough year so he wanted to bring in the new year with some beer rather than champagne):

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My favs Part 2

Just one thing today - Home Depot is such a common place my kids have a song for it! I am thankful for Home Depot - without, I couldn't even imagine!

Jenn & Chris Wedding Slideshow

Jenn & Chris's Wedding Slideshow is posted! Click here for the link

Penguin Plunge for Special Olympics

Yup, Patrick is doing it! He's jumping in for some funraising money! We also will be volunteer photographers at the event. If you're interested in donating money or just stopping by to watch Patrick freeze his sanity off, here's the details he sent out in an email:

"Well, i must be crazy because i've descided to take the plunge and do a polar bear swim! Well, in this case, ite a Penguin Plunge, but who is really arguing over semantics about a dip into barely above freezing water at Crystal Lake in Middle town CT. The cause is for CT Special Olympics, and there's a catch, Oh Yes! There's a catch!The catch is, I have to raise 50$ minimum in donations to take the plunge, No amount of begging or pleading on my part will allow me to dip my trunks into the water on Feburary 21 without it (well, a credit card will, but i'm hardly dumb enough to front the money for my OWN deep freeze, am i?) They will just turn me back to the cold hard streets with nary a drop of water on my big toe unless i SHOW DEM DA MONEY! so heres where you can help out. Visit my personal fund raising page at: and make a donation, it can be small, it can be large, and every little bit moves me up the ranks and goes to a good cause, (if you need a better cause then being the responsible party for me losing my pinky toe to hypothermia.) and i dont even have to get my hands dirty with that cash thats been in you wallet. And we all know where your wallets been, dont we? My goal is 100$ but as ambitious as that is, nothing over 50$ will make me any wetter, although i might be dumb enough to extend my time in the chill for every 50$ over that minimum! So get in the action and throw me to the minnows, if there are any out of hibernation at that time!"

Monday, January 26, 2009

My favs

I figure since Oprah can get away with listing her favorite things, I can too! LOL! Here are some of the things I cannot live without:

Bridal shows! Thank you to those who put them on and thank you to all of the couples who stop by and visit with us!

Picasso & $20 digital cameras - Picasso for inspiring my kids to see there's beauty wherever you look and $20 digital cameras - I would rather my kids drop those than my Canon DSLRs! The bottom pic was taken by Alexandra at the Wadsworth Athaneum (I swear, she gave me permission to use her copyrighted pic!).

The knot & our brides for voting us in the best of weddings 2008!

My three year old, Evanthea, for tollerating my endless photo sessions and for coming to be the entertainment when couples need a break during our meeting!

As always, my 4 year old, Alexandra and her never ending thurst for the perfect wedding pose! And for being my greeter and giving couples gifts when they come to visit!

To be continued tomorrow...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I did it - I made it into the present and joined Facebook! It's actually quite fun! :)

Parsons Photography has a page and I will be posting pics as well as upcoming events and other FYI. Some will repeat the blog, some may be Facebook only so be sure to become a fan!

Also, many of the slideshows and pictures can only be posted on my Facebook so be sure to add me as a friend so you can add your slideshows to your own page!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mallory & Zack Engagement Pics

Most people who know me know tone of my most favorite places to work is the Wadsworth Mansion - the site, the nooks & crannies, the grounds, the AWESOME staff (Queen Deborah, Princess Amy & Princess Kristy - I am humbled!) so I never pass up a chance to go and take some pics!

When I first met Mallory & Zack, Mallory mentioned (ok, repeated many many times) that she loved my previous shoots at the mansion and would love to have a session down there. When we started chatting about her engagement session, I was quite surprised when she asked for suggestions!
Patrick & I had a blast with Mallory & Zack! We stuck them in some of the coolest corners of the mansion and they were troopers - actually trusting me when I said it'll look cool! LOL!

After we finished this shot, Zack just sat there for a moment (I told him to take up his TV watching pose) and I started shooting again. Tell me this guy didn't step right out of LL Bean? (I should photoshop a remote in his right hand, don't you think?)

I love it when couples get that competitive edge! My crystal tic tac toe game came out....there's a rematch at the wedding!

I love using the sun to our advantage! It's so much fun playing with shadows!

Growing up, my brother and I were always Red Sox fans - pretty devout, actually. Recently, some of my family has strayed for reasons that are pretty public (yes, my father turned to the dark side for a couple of years). But yet, we're all back to being sox fans - so when Mallory asked if they could pose with their Red Sox/Yankee hats, who was I to say no? I love the look on Mallory's face! That makes me laugh!!

Congrats Mallory & Zack! We can't wait until your wedding!

And remember, you can still vote in for Photo of the Year for engagement pics - comments on the blog can help Mallory & Zack get a free canvas if their photo is chosen!

Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Packages and Prices

You asked, we listened! Based on feedback and requests for "create a package" (which is, of course, still available) responses from you, we have revamped the packages for 2009!

One of the biggest changes is the Photo Booth - it is now included in the new Packages C-E!

Prices and packages are effective February 1 - our bridal show specials will most likely stay the same. I'm on the fence about that...any feedback? Tell me what you think about our bridal show specials!

Prices will be posted on the website next week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day is coming!

And for once our cards are fininshed and ready EARLY! Wow!

Once again, my children have decided on what to wear and how to pose...I pushed the button and put it together in PhotoShop! :)

If you're interested in a special Valentine's shoot - the red wings are really adult size and I didn't buy them with the intention of a 4 year old wearing them! ;) Contact me for details!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jenn & Chris's Wedding Day

Wow! The subfreezing temps outside yesterday did not stop Jenn and Chris from having their dream downtown Hartford Wedding! The ceremony and reception were at the gorgeous Society Room on Pratt Street. Jenn had wonderful visions of hitting Pratt Street in the night time for some downtown shots - mother nature caused us to rethink (when it's 19 degress during the day, I can't imaging the night temp!). We did get some quick outside shots pre ceremony, and I really think Jenn enjoyed everyone oohing and ahing her (and her strength to be outside!)!!

Much cozier inside in front of the fireplace!

When I first met Jenn, she was pretty adament that she didn't want a lot of photos because they're not "photo people" - I told her she hadn't met me yet! :) This next shot is one of my favorites - isn's she gorgeous?

So, please....tell me, are they photo people? I think so! LOL!

To celebrate Chris's family heritage, a bag piper was brought in to play as guests arrived - it was really neat to see!

Bert Fonseca, of After Hours DJ Entertainment was the officiant as well as the DJ - this was my first time seeing my very good friend as a JP! The ceremony was beautiful to reflact our surroundings!

We brought in the photo booth for Jenn & Chris's guests - I think we were laughing harder than the guests! If you were a guest and want to see the photos, here is the link - the only catch is it's password protected and you need to know Jenn's maiden name (her last name pre 1/17!).

I think Chris really enjoyed practicing dipping and kissing during formals, because he had a picture perfect cake cut dip!!

The rest of the night was definitly spent on the dancefloor thanks to Bert and Sal at After Hours! Some brave (drunk) souls even got up for karaoke!

Congrats Jenn and Chris!

And don't forget, part of the criteria for chosing photo of the year 2009 are your blog comments - so be sure to comment on your favorite! Jenn & Chris could win a wrapped canvas of the chosen photo!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Booth!

We now offer a photo booth option to weddings and parties! Tomorrow we're going to test it out full scale at Jenn & Chris's wedding, but today my little angels wanted to test it out at home!

I think it's going to be tough to see who will enjoy it more - the wedding guests or my kids! :) Contact me for details on pricing and packages.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wadsworth Mansion Bride Wars

The photos for the Wadsworth Mansion Bride Wars Premier Party have been posted two days early - click here for the photos!

"If I Was Your Wedding..."

If I was your wedding I'd be at the Wadsworth Mansion! What other site can claim treating their brides this well?
Deborah, Amy & Kristy (the wonderful Event Staff at the Wadsworth Mansion)

planned an evening that began with cocktails and munchies at the Inn at Middletown
(thanks Beth & Katelyn)

Amy from the Wadsworth hand made all of their brides these cute veils! How can you not appreciate being pampered after blue martinis?
then a photo shoot in the gorgeous lobby of the Inn by us, Parsons Photography

Each Wadsworth bride received a goody bag courtesy of The Wadsworth Mansion, The Inn at Middletown, Parsons Photography,, Ana Parzych Custom Cakes (yummy!) and various other fun stuff!
After tearing everyone away from heavenly cocktails, we walked over to Destina Theater for a Red Carpet Premier of Bride Wars!
If you know these two women, you just may appreciate what's going on here! Yet another Red Carpet moment captured by the papparazzi!
How can we skimp on the bling shot! :)

The movie was funny! I had a good laugh (was a little disappointed with how the "wedding planner" was portrayed. but enough about my professional opinion...) - thank you everyone for a fun night! Photos will be posted on the proofing site on Friday!