Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mary & Dave's Wedding Proofs

Mary & Dave's Wedding proofs have been released! Click the photo or here for the link to the proofs! Warning: there are over 2600 proofs...make sure you have a comfy chair! :)

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Kate & Ben's Wedding Proofs Up Early!

Kate & Ben's wedding proofs have been released early! (Have I expressed how much I love being ahead of schedule?!! I love it!!)

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Jenn & Mike's Wedding Day

Jenn & Mike's wedding day -how can I describe it? Simple, elegant, gorgeous, eventful! :)

It was eventful because of the weather...we started our day in Hamden, where the mother of the groom lives. It was sunny, warm and beautiful! Then we made our way to Glastonbury and met up with some ugly thunderstorms!

While we were waiting for the guys at the hotel, this was the perfect was torrential downpours five minutes before I took this pic - two storms meeting, but giving us enough time to take some outdoor photos of the guys!

What I really love about my assistant, Heather, is she has really cool toys! :) She brought her fish eye lens and I have to say that this one is one of my favorites!! It's too bad she's a Nikon...else we'd be swapping equipment! ;)Then the second storm came in (was it the second or the 70th?) during the ceremony!
A little rain won't stop us from getting outdoor formals! So I got a little wet!! This was the location where Mike & Jenn were supposed to get married, so of course it's a perfect location for formals!
This is for the groomsman that "wanted that shot in black and white"! Not sure who it was, but I heard it over my shoulder! :)One of my favorite shots - Jenn had a spectacular dress!Mike had seen a photo of mine from another wedding where the guys were kicking back having a cigar and that was the one shot (ok, one of many...but he really wanted it!) he wanted. Because of the rain, we couldn't "kick back" so we hung out in front! This one is for you, Mike!
Always with horrible thunderstorms comes amazing sunsets! We timed this one perfectly!And they rode off into the sunset! :)

Congratulations, Jenn & Mike! Enjoy your honeymoon!!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sick little 5 year old!

Alexandra turned 5 on Wednesday...after seeing the doctor on Tuesday to get the news that she has an ear infection in each ear and pink eye in each eye. After begging and pleading with the doctor, she was allowed to go to school after taking one full dose of the medication (try giving a munchkin some antibiotics and eye drops in a car seat...) so she wasn't contagious.

Here she is chatting with my mom to let her know where we are! Of course we had to hit the Dollar Store so she could spend her $5 she got in her birthday card! She bought herself the visor, a coconut cup for herself and one for her sister, and baby dolls for each of them.
Thankfully they had a 1/2 day that day at school and her only request was to go to Shady Glen for lunch then go home for a nap. Because she had her elaborate cake at her birthday party, we stopped by Whole Foods to get her a small one for the candle!Happy Birthday, Sanda! I hope the rest of your 5th year is healthier! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Caitlin & John's Engagement Slideshow

Trying out my Mother's Day present!

You know you're at a different point in your life when you're excited to get lenses for Mother's Day rather than perfume or flowers!

Dave & the kids got me a Lensbaby - I have heard of them but have been apprehensive to try one - "bending" a photo? Sounds too strange for me...but I'm always up for a challenge...and now I'm hooked!!

Monkey made a pretty good model hanging out on his hammock!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tony & Teresa's proofs released early!

Tony & Teresa's proofs have been released - two and a half weeks early (it's not even their 1 month anniversary yet!)! Click on the photo or here for the link.

Alexandra's Five Year Flashback

Five years ago, my mini person with the giant personality was born. She was born with personality - at two days old, she had her first temper tantrum and made the nurses laugh. She has been making us all laugh every day since then (yes, and the temper tantrums have continued too...).

Here she is at birth

First birthday party (Princess theme)Second birthday party (Elmo theme)
Third Birthday (Fiesta Theme - I won a Special Mention award for planning this party)

Fourth Birthday (High School Musical 4 theme - it was a combined birthday party with her sister's Doodlebops. I won Honorable Mention for planning this party)

Fifth Birthday (Build A Bear - I'm submitting this party! wish me luck!)Happy Birthday to our oldest! Mommy, Daddy & Evanthea love you to pieces!! :)