Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rachel & Ray's Engagement Session

Yesterday, I met Rachel & Ray at Elizabeth Park in Hartford for their engagement session. We had so much fun...a nice surprise with a band too! It was great to photograph with background music!

I loved Rachel's bracelet! Had to have it featured somehow...what better way than to enhance the ring!!
It's not fair that the girls always get the "bended knee proposal" and the "really big rocks" - we turned the tables this time!!

I love this next shot! I told Ray "rock star" and he fell right into character! I think he missed his calling!!

Another one of my favs - the band in the background, stealing a snuggle!!
Congratulations, Rachel & Ray! We'll see you in a few weeks for the big day!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dreamride - TSI Ellington

What a perfect day for a ride! And what a better reason for a ride than to raise money for Special Olympics! As some of you may know, I am a volunteer for Special Olympics and this morning I met some amazing people at TSI Harley in Ellington.
Enfield Police were part of the escort guard
I couldn't stop laughing at the macho ducks! Too flipping cute! I! :)

There was a wide assortment of bikes today - I had just as much photographing them as their owners had showing them off!
Rob is showing off his new hat...
Jim, one of the riders, just happen to have a bag full of balloons! He's actually a balloon artist - but I was told not to mention that! ;)
Rob was REALLY trying to help out...
Every time I walked by this guy, he had the coolest poses! I love it!!
My favorite shot of the day!
Everyone was awesome as they headed out - some waved, some honked (unfortunately I don't have sound...), this one was competing with me! :)
OK, so this one wasn't a part of the ride, but I love the car! One of my favorite cars! :)
A great day for a wonderful cause!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Caitlin & John's Wedding Day

What a spectacular day today! Literally 2 minutes of rain - that's it! But we paid for it with the, was it sticky out today! Caitlin & John were married in Caitlin's hometown of Broad Brook, formals were taken at the Phelp's Hatheway House in Suffield and the reception was at the Oaks in Agawam, MA.

Isn't this a great looking bridal party?
Definitely one of my favorite photos - literally the last shot. Dave, it was well worth what you went through to get it! :)

Another one of my favorites!
I dedicate the next one to my daughter, Evanthea who inspired me with her flashlight abilities...if it weren't for her realizing she can shine a flashlight through her hand (and then practicing every free moment...), I never would have thought to flash through my hand! Like the flesh colored gel? :D

Congratulations, Caitlin & John! We had a wonderful day spending it with you!

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Paige's Grad Session

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing Paige's grad photos. It was a super hot, humid sunny morning (we actually cut the session short it was so hot!), but we managed to get some beautiful shots on the beach!

Congratulations on your graduation, Paige! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Katie & Brian's Engagement Session

This afternoon, I met up with Katie & Brian for their engagement session at Elizabeth Park in Hartford. The afternoon was sweltering, but how adorable does Katie look in this awesome sundress!? This one is my favorite shot - Katie read my mind and jumped into place! LOVE it!!

We tried to keep as cool as possible.

OK, so there's a story behind this next shot - this was Katie's actual response to Brian's proposal! No, he didn't propose today; he did propose on bended knee while she was sightseeing. He asked her a million leading questions, thinking one would force her to turn around...I think the final one was "would you turn around?"! LOL! Love it when couples have great engagement stories!!

Congratulations, Katie & Brian! (Notice, I'm saving your "thank you card" shot for the big surprise! :)

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