Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alexa & Pete's Wedding Photos Released

Alexa & Pete's wedding photos have been released!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Susan & John's Wedding Day

What a fabulous day today! The weather forcasted the worst torrential rains...Susan did care - she actually wanted rain on her wedding day. She thought it was fun!

Susan and John had the most unique wedding I have ever seen! We had a BLAST!! It was a costume party and everyone (yes, we did too) came in costume! What a fun day!

John's vows were a la Cat In The Hat and Susan's vows were a silly rhyme! What fun to personalize everything so perfectly!Even Wonder Woman thought it was silly! Yes, this is my Evanthea giggling like crazy during the vows!

Susan & John had their actual marriage ceremony this morning at their church in MA. It was a beautifully intimate ceremony where only immediately family members were invited. It was a very moving ceremony! Here's the moment before walking down!

LOVE the cupcakes!!

With a Halloween themed reception five hours away, I had to do a little vamp shot!
My second shooters - we're still trying to figure out Dave's costume (I think he just wanted to wear the cape) and Liss is October!
Susan in dress number 2! Love the fact that we found this amazing stump in the middle of the park!
Doesn't she look like a wood nymph here!?

Hey, who brought the Parsons family? Wonder Woman will save the day!

Who told the gorilla he could silly string everyone? Want a gummy worm?

The best costume went to the Planet of the Apes lady! Such a cool idea!!
THE BEST PART OF THE DAY! Sumo wrestling! I have never laughed so hard in my life!!

You know you're losing when your mom has to come and help...yes, that's John's mom!

Never trust a gorilla MD serving gummy worms with a thermometer...
something's just not right about this shot!
one of my favs from the day!

we figured since we got so much rain today, why not float some ducks!
or don the ponchos before going over the falls!
Here's my costume! The cave lady was the only practical one I could find...but it didn't match the cameras!

Thank you for a fun filled day! What a great time! Don't forget your comments for photo of the year!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Style Me Pretty Feature

At Rosie & Orion's wedding on September 26, we had the honor to work with Jessica Robinson of Jessica's Country Flowers. Jessica is so talented and her flowers were amazing - we fell in love with her attention to detail (my favorite was the antique buttons on Rosie's bouquet). I really loved how she listened to what Rosie wanted - not necessarily what she said, but what she didn't say. The flowers were everything (and more) she could have wanted!

Then when Jessica asked me to send her the photos so she could submit them to Style Me Pretty, I put in some extra hours to get these processed!

Jessica's feature was in October 20th's post on Style Me Pretty and featured our photos. We are thrilled to have our photos posted with the credits!

Thanks Jessica for the joy of working with you as well as the chance to provide photos for your feature!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leah & Jon's Wedding Day

What a fabulous day today! Leah & Jon were on pins and needles all week watching the weather reports...for nothing! It was a spectacular fall morning at the Riverhouse in Haddam. It was cold, I'll say that much...but Leah & Jon were awesome sports about the outdoor ceremony and photos!!

This was the last shot of the night...and I have to say that it is one of my favorites!Leah had her grandmother's necklace woven into her bouquet - what a touching idea! I love it!
It was a very moving ceremony! not a dry eye!

Leah and her girls weren't quite ready when we got on site (I really didn't have high expectations at 8:30AM!!) So I took her dress on a field trip!One of my favorite dress shots ever. There's something about the simplicity of a stone wall, a spectacular dress and a fish-eye lens that gives me the warm fuzzies!!

Poor cold bridesmaids!!
Now, normally, we have the guys hold the bride up...these bridesmaids ASSURED me they could hold Jon!! Still laughing at them dropping him - he just rolled right over! reassures me to stick with having the guys do it!

These next few are my favorites too - I love the Goodspeed in the background and LOVE the fact that the seagull stuck around for the photos! I usually don't have good luck with the locals!

"everybody clap your hands..." The Cha-cha slide is always good for some fun shot! Even better when the bridesmaids dancing with the bride!

Another one of my favorite shots! Leah's idea for the shot - I love it!!

Congratulations Jon & Leah!! Don't forget your comments for photo of the year!