Monday, March 29, 2010

Pin Up Session Vegas Style

While I was in Las Vegas for WPPI, I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph a few pin up sessions. A super duper thank you to Eric Guideng for sharing his studio space, Emma Smith for organizing the shoot!!

A common misconception about boudoir or pinup sessions is nudity. It's not about what you show, it's about feeling sexy and looking sexy! As a pinup photographer, I like to leave more up to the imagination rather than show it all - I think the imagination is sexier than what can be seen! ;)

It's ok for men to do pinup sessions too! OK, so we joked that it was a "dude-oir" session, but guys can get sexy too!

Couples sessions are fun too!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tracey and Rob's Engagement Session

Liss and I met Tracey and Rob this afternoon at Devil's Hopyard in Haddam. It was a bit chilly, but the sun felt great! We found some really fun spots to take some shots, off the beaten path!

The really fun part is Tracey and Rob have chosen Devil's Hopyard as their ceremony location!
They will be married on the other side of the waterfall - let's hope it's not as loud as it was today! We learned a lot of new hand signals because of the roar!

A lot of couples that I meet with ask me why I always have a second shooter with me - I tell them the main reason is I'm too old to run around as much! :) But look at the other reason in these next couple of shots. While I was taking photos of Tracey's gorgeous engagement ring, Liss was sniper shooting (photographing, that is)!

OK, so I got a little silly with this next one...

guess who's taking the plunge? ;)
Nature shots are not my forte - so I do the best in bringing in the colors!!

We finally got shy Rob to open up into some engaging conversation! I think he liked the parasol! ;)
These next two are a couple of my favs!

My husband knows that unless I come home with dirt on my butt, twigs in my hair, and a dirty camera - it wasn't a good shoot! This session, I climbed a mountain (no photo trail...Liss had to help me down so she couldn't document it! LOL!) and Liss tried to stay dry...
We had a little fun with the flash! If you can find Liss in this shot, you get a prize!

In reality, Tracey did propose to Rob - I just added a little emphasis...OK, I told him to react like a girl! LOL! Thanks for being such great sports!!

Congratulations Tracey and Rob! We will see you right back here in a couple of months! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Mirage in Vegas

My last day in Las Vegas last week was spent on the strip. The weather was glorious -sunny with a light breeze; my classes were finished, I was all alone, and I was in heaven! My husband and kids gave me the task to head back to the Mirage and pick them up some more Beatles souvenirs (if you're a fan on Facebook, you would already know of my obsession with "Love" - the Cirque du Soliel interpretation of the Beatles songs). So I walked from MGM to Mirage...stopped a few times along the way (but that's another post). But I made it!

One of the lounges at the Mirage is Revolution - I love the use of the name! Too cute! I almost wanted to have a drink in a "O" just to say I did!

Then I ducked inside the "Secret Garden" of Sigfried & Roy. What a fascinating place! They had dolphins, cheetahs, lions, tigers (no bears...for all of you "oh my" fans...), and other neat animals! I spent about an hour just watching and photographing the animals! Obviously, the dolphins were my favs!

I just wanted to scratch this guy behind the ears!!
These playful little cubs sent a little chill in in the air - every single person in the garden spoke of the unfortunate accident that took their owners out of the Vegas spotlight. They were cute to watch, but we were all reminded that they are not exactly house cats!

Stay tuned for more Vegas pics!