Monday, May 31, 2010

Amy & Jonathan's video trailer is up!

Andrea & Pat's Engagement Session

On this beautiful sunny (HOT) Memorial Day, Jessica and I had an opportunity to hang with Andrea & Pat at Wickham Park in Manchester.

It was a beautiful day to walk through the park (even with a couple of paparazzi photogs trailing behind!)!

This is a crazy Jurassic dragonfly we found in the Lotus Garden. I thought he was all black and white, but it looks like he's going to be clearing a plane for a landing...

I love Andrea's smile!

One of my favs - aren't they adorable? :)

It took a little to find Pat's inner groom...but as soon as I told him we're working on their premiere CD cover...this is what I got! We know Pat's the rock star!! Love it!

Congratulations, Andrea & Pat! We are looking forward to sharing your wedding day with you soon!

Amy & Jonathan's Photo Booth pics are posted!

You do need a password to access this gallery, please contact the couple directly if you need the password. Due to the privacy, we make it a policy not to give out the passwords. Thank you!

Amy & Jonathan's wedding teasers!

Back in January 2009, I was asked by Deborah Moore (from the Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate) to photograph a really fun party for their brides - it was a night out of cocktails and Bride Wars (remember that movie?)! I JUMPED at the chance and photographed the night. I met a cute blonde with a cute blue drink...


Anyone recognize this girl? Yes, this is our bride, Amy!

About a month later, the Wadsworth Mansion held their wedding show and I remember the FIRST couple who came in. The bride walked right up to me and locked her blue eyes with mine and said matter of a fact - "I met you at Bride Wars and I like the photos!". I remember them because they just made sense. We were booked to photograph their wedding soon after!

May 2010 seemed such a long way off, back in February of 2009...but here it is! And Amy & Jonathan made a beautiful couple at a spectacular location!

During the ceremony, Amy & Jonathan "tied the knot" - literally! Each mother brought half of a bouquet and placed it in a vase to make a whole bouquet - and Amy & Jonathan tied them together! So sweet!

Sometimes nature plays tricks on us and sends some uninvited guests. I was on the opposite side of the ceremony and that bee looks huge, I can only imagine what it looked like to Amy...but she kept calm!

LOVE moments like this!

One of my favorite shots!

I love this next one of the bridesmaids with Amy - the dress color was a perfect accent to the mansion and the greenery!

One of my favorite ring shots!

Amy & Jonathan had a beautifully choreographed dance for their first dance - my favorite part? When they dipped right in front of me and looked at me! :) LOVE it when I'm remembered! ;)
The mansion always provides breathtaking backdrops!
Thank you to Peter & JR from After Hours DJ Entertainment for keeping everyone on the dancefloor! And bringing crop circles? LOL! No, it's the supa cool lights!
I love the mansion at night!

For those of you who want to know how many we can fit in the photo booth....

Congratulations, Amy & Jonathan! Thank you for sharing your special day with us!