Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Evanthea!

Once people learn that I have small children, the first question asked is "how do they handle you working weddings?". I always answer that they were born into the business and don't know anything else! I owned my wedding businesses before I was pregnant with my oldest, I worked up until 3 weeks before I had Alexandra (yes, I was a house!) and 2 weeks before I had Evanthea. See, they chose the busiest time to be born for the children of a wedding vendor...Alexandra was born in May and Evanthea was born in September! ;)

Birthdays are huge to little kids and I don't take that away from mine. They get their fun themed parties, family time, special dinners, and (of course) presents!! It's just sometimes we have to schedule around Mommy's weddings!!

Every year they pick out their own theme of party. This year, Evanthea chose Wizard of Oz

Here she is at birth!
I think this is my favorite photo. Ever. Evanthea was crying (we know now that her food allergies and other health issues started at birth) and her big sister (16 month old Alexandra) wanted to help sooth her. Alexandra only knew that Elmo made her feel she brought her baby a small Elmo to make her feel better!
Here's Evanthea with ElmoFirst birthday party (Winnie the Pooh) and my first attempt at allergy free cupcakes (they were pretty gross, thankfully she didn't have anything to compare them to!!).
Second birthday - she wanted a ride on the carousel!
Third birthday - we combined the girls' birthdays to one party with two themes. Alexandra chose High School Musical...
and Evanthea chose Doodlebops! Here she is as DeeDee Doodle and Alexandra is Jazz!

On her actual birthday, we spent the day at the she is lamenting the fact that her sister is at school and she's not...4th birthday - party theme was Photo Party. She wasn't happy to learn that a photo party didn't mean she gets to take all of the photos!!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Katie & Berk {Trash the Dress}

Katie & Berk were married on Friday - then the festivities continued today! We photographed a "Trash the Dress" session - why in quotes? Well, her dress really didn't get trashed! We just had fun!

Our first stop was Wild Bill's in Middletown. Great backdrops everywhere!

Here we have Wild Bill, the store; Wild Bill, the Bobblehead; and Wild Bill, the man! :) Thanks for letting us run around today!

This next one is one of my favs! Our next stop was a walk through Wesleyan University.
And Berk told me he loves optical illusions! Had to have some fun with this!!
Then our next step is the old railroad tracks in Middltown. This next one is a fav...on the silly side!
Love this next one!

Congratulations, once again, Katie & Berk!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sara & John {married}

Last night, Jess and I celebrated Sara & John's wedding at the Nutmeg in East Windsor. The room was so cozy and welcoming - thank you so much for taking care of everyone!

We soooo fell in love with Sara's dress!
And the detail was fantastic - I love these little flowers!

Sara is such a natural with the camera. We loved how she just fell into poses - it was wonderful to just observe her motions!

I think this shot right here is my favorite. I love it! I told Sara to stand near the wall and be!
And John rocking the rock star! Love it!

I think we got a little nervous when the ceremony started 10 minutes late....Sara is NEVER late!
Judge Rappe of Coventry (my neighbor by 5 miles!) officiated! It was nice to work with a "local" vendor! ;) And it was sort of cool too, I went to high school with his daughter!

Another one of my favorite shots
Robyn, of ESTOccasions, delivered a beautifully touching speech. She and Sara have been friends since they were 4 - not a dry eye in the house!

John's son, Mateo, was the ring bearer and I saw him running around with a car from Cars....most of you know that my little one is obsessed with Cars! I shot this one for her! ;)
John & Sara had an amazingly choreographed first dance! It was flawless and they floated across the dancefloor!

Sara was stopped two times in the lobby by some well wishers that were visiting the restaurant. She was given some interesting advice - the first was from a pleasant older woman who told her to always be faithful to each other (that's the secret to a successful marriage) and the other was from an older gentleman who told her to be like him because he is "happily married for....well, not anymore because she just died". Seriously, this is what she was told! :) Sara graciously accepted the advice with a smile on her face...every wedding has a story! ;)
The rest of the night was a non-stop party, with entertainment provided by Frank from PowerStation.

This is why you should leave the photos to the pros! ;) I had to laugh because she was trying to take a photo for about 3 minutes before someone told her the problem!
Congratulations, Sara and John! We wish you many happy years! (I'll spare you from more corny advice...)