Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Marathon Teasers

Day Two of our Holiday Marathon session! Thankfully, Jessica joined me in these sessions - we did an awful lot of running around, chasing after props...and munchkins! ;)

First up, Angela and her little brother, Joey. I first met Angela a year an a half ago for her six month shoot, then again this summer for her grandmother's birthday. It's been such a wonderful journey watching her grow! And now meeting her new 3 week old brother!!

One of my fav shots of the day!
I love when babies show their personalities. This photo makes me laugh because we tried the "nice" side of the stocking and he fussed and mussed...I switched it to "naughty" and he started cooing! ;)
One of my favs of the day!
How awesome is this baby cocoon Jess made? I love it!!

We had a tough time finding something Angela liked...we held her attention with the boxes and sticks! that was 6 seconds (2 seconds longer than the trees!)!!

Next up is 6 month Logan! I photographed his parents' engagement session back in February of 2009 (unfortunately, we were already booked for their wedding date...but this little munchkin was the next best thing!!) and now had the fun chance to meet little Logan!

These next two are my favs!!

Our next fun munchkin is Evelyn - we met Evelyn and her mom at the Coventry Farmers' Market for portraits. We had so much fun with Evelyn then and had even more fun today!

This is one of my favs

Thank you everyone for a fun marathon day!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Marathon Teasers - Mackenzie and her parents

Mackenzie's Mom & Dad were married in 2009 and I had the amazing opportunity to photograph it! I was so excited to see them again (and see how much Mackenzie has grown!!) and share this fun time of year with them!

As you can see, we had a really tough time getting Mackenzie to pose! LOL! Isn't she adorable?
She was telling me jokes and cracking herself up...I LOVE IT!!!
I'm not showing Mom & Dad so they can save their pics for the holiday card!! ;)

Holiday Marathon Teasers - Kara & Will

Kara and Will are one of our 2011 couples - I am so glad I had a chance to photograph them for their holiday session! I am looking forward to the next 10 months of sessions! :P

Holiday Marathon Teasers - Katie, Richard, Emily & Ed

I love Facebook - it's such a fun way to meet people who later become clients and friends! And we also get to see who knows whom and how many times we all cross paths!

Take Ed - I've seen him at two different weddings and he came to his family portraits this weekend! LOVE IT!! (and I love his hats!!)

Holiday Marathon Teasers - Amanda & Todd

Our October 1, 2010 cuties returned for more punishment! ;) Amanda and Todd are celebrating their first Christmas by coming in for a photo shoot!

Love these guys - mainly because they humor my crazy ideas! ;)

Becca & PJ's engagement teasers

Today I met Becca & PJ down at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown - I know, you've heard it before....but it's my favorite place! Not just because it's beautiful, stunning and so much fun to photograph. But because of the awesome ladies that work there, Deborah and Kristy....

You see, we had originally planned to hit Sturbridge Village for this session but Becca saw the weather report...and it didn't look good! Deborah & Kristy allowed us to sneak in and grab some indoor (and outdoor too) shots at the mansion!! Thanks ladies!!

This photo is very Twilight-y to me....
I think this one is my fav!

LOVE LOVE LOVE it when couples OFFER to jump up in window sills!!!

It's a good thing we happened to be in backyard when we were...we were able to save this wonderful vase from falling!! Or was it really? ;)

Congratulations Becca & PJ! We'll be seeing you real soon! :)