Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slideshow Blog

I am hooked on making these little mini slideshows! I created a blog just for slideshows (and bear with me as I continue to make more and post them!); click here for that blog (it's also available from our website as well).

Wadsworth Atheneum

Ugh, I have been chained to this computer working on albums and proofs...not to mention trying to stay cool! These massive heat!

I decided to take a little break and pack up the kids and head out to the museum in Hartford - now mind you, they don't like kids' museums...they like art museums! I am, of course, in heaven! But I'll tell you, you haven't seen art like you see it through a child's eyes -- the comments the kids have amazes me! It's either something in a Dali I never saw before, or the brush strokes of a Monet, or the lines in a Miro...they even think the Lawrence Tree by O'Keefe is a lobster! I love it!
So we headed out (and I grabbed my camera! Thank you for the photo pass!) and stopped and picked up my grandmother along the way (83 years old and still hitting the museums with her great-grandchildren!) -- she learned a thing or two about Picasso from Alexandra!

Here are some pics from that trip. The final pic is of Traveler's Tower from my parking spot - I love the sky when it looks like that! I almost felt like we were a part of a painting!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Maria & Daniel's 25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary to Maria & Daniel! Their wonderful children planned a fun evening for their family & friends at the 21 Club in Downtown Hartford. It was a perfect day and Maria & Daniel were very surprised! Here are some highlights:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedding Teasers Online

I have a separate page on the proofing site that has all teasers. I realized I don't provide links with the wedding posts! I apologize to those of you that are confused and wanting more! Here is the link for recent weddings:

Kristen & Mike
The Riverview
Simsbury, CT

Marianne & Daniel
Great River Country Club
Milford, CT

Amy & Eric
Branford House
Groton, CT
(Amy & Eric's teasers will be posted on Friday)

Also, Marianne & Daniel's proofs are posted here. Kristen & Mike's will be posted by next week.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amy & Eric

Wow...I have a sunburnt back and sopping wet shoes...but what a beautiful day Amy & Eric had on June 8 at the Branford House in Groton! We went from 95 degrees and sunny to a crazy thunderstorm to a beautiful sparking sunset! We had so much fun running around the grounds, rocks, water (yes, water) with Amy & Eric (UCONN Police even asked if she was crazy...)!

The day was pulled together with the collective assistance of Nifi's Wedding Planning, After Hours DJ Entertainment, Coastal Gourmet. Here are some of my favorite photos:

Teasers on the proof site coming by week's end! Congratulations Amy & Eric!