Friday, July 31, 2009

My cameras are well trained

Really, they are! They are so well trained that they do not go down without a fight!

I can joke about it now because they are all home safe and sound...but here's the story!

At Rich & Becky's wedding, I dropped one of my cameras with my favorite wide angle lens. Yes, it dropped...not in the cushy grass, but on the hard blacktop of the church parking lot...before the ceremony. I picked it up, found it to still be working, and ran in to the church. The first shot I went to take...boom...nothing. So I switched the lens onto one of my backup cameras (did I mention that I typically shoot weddings with 3-4 camera bodies?) - nothing. Fortunately, my assistant shoots Canon and had his wide angle lens on his camera so we switched - disaster diverted! we made it through the night.

I download the photos from Rich and Becky's wedding and find this:

My camera went down swinging! I am so proud of it that it reached out, grasped its dying shot and took one last establishing shot! This photo brought a tear to my eye, my camera was working for the greater good - for the chance to get that shot!

Next was the true test - how will my insurance handle me doing something so silly as dropping a camera. WOW - like a charm! I use The Hartford through USAA - my adjuster was fantastic! She immediately authorized the repairs, a rental of the same camera and lens, and overnight shipping so I wouldn't have any disruptions. Wow! wish my health insurance was this good! :) And yes, I did meet my deductible and still was able to get money reimbursed!

My camera and lens are home safe and sound with all new parts and ready to rock and roll at the next wedding!

My lesson learned - buy a Camera Slinger (just came in today!) and lock the car door with a free hand! :)

Have a great weekend!

Halloween in July

Happy Halloween! Seriously! Yesterday was Halloween in July here in Old Lyme!

Usually when I buy Halloween costumes for the girls, we make sure it's either warm enough to wear at school, or big enough to layer clothes underneath. We're used to Connecticut October...

So, when we were planning the outfits for Halloween in July, Evanthea chose her Hannah Montana costume (long blonde wig with a 70's style disco dress and boots) and Alexandra chose her unicorn costume (it's a giant stuffed unicorn that the child steps through the body and is almost like the rider). The hottest day of the year, we tried on their no avail. Alexandra cried that hers is too itchy, and Evanthea said she would wear the dress without the wig and boots.

In steps mom to save the day...I brought Evanthea another costume because she's Wonder Woman she became. Alexandra chose a Halloween decoration of a witch's we scrambled around the house to find a witch's LL Bean t-shirt tied with my mother's yellow pashmina scarf (since the Devil wears Prada, witches can wear pashminas...). Here's the end result: Evanthea was telling everyone that she lost her power to fly and the only way to get her power was to collect candy.
power regained! Luckily Alexandra forgot her broom (yes, the kitchen broom), else I'd be dragging that too!

Wonder Woman stops to aid a mini goalie. "Hey little boy, do you need help smiling?"

The thought of trick or treating in the daytime, under a moon, and in front of the beach just got me silly!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Isabel's Baptism

Saturday was a beautiful day...a beautiful day for a beautiful baby to be baptised! Isabel and her family celebrated her baptism at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Waterbury. Isabel's dainty cross was in a beautiful bracelet.

Isabel getting dressed while her big sister, Lucy helps her get ready.
Big sister Lucy - she was my challenge throughout the day! She reminded me so much of my Evanthea, so I took the challenge head on! She was always trying to hide from me so I wouldn't take photos of her! When I put my camera down for dinner, she popped out of nowhere and asked where my camera was and why I wasn't taking photos of her! If she said a peanutbutter joke, I would have sworn my child stepped into her body!

"What? That's it?" How cute!!
Isabel is the youngest of 5 and her sisters and brother had me laughing all day long! Here, Lucy, her brother Brian and some friends of theirs found the best hiding place - the outside bar! I laughed so hard with this one!
Isabel's oldest sister, Sarah - what a beauty! She has the most beautiful eyes!
Yes, this was dinner! I was honored to have a "behind the kitchen" pass and grab this shot before they chopped him up.
My favorite shot from the day! Love these little piggies (no pun intended from the above shot...)

Isabel's next oldest sibling, Mary Grace (age 21 months...think these parents have their hands full?) taste testing the frosting!
Jewelry bonding with mom!
"Can you hear ME now?" Yup, that's a Verizon phone and yup Mom works for Verizon!
Congratulations, Baby Isabel! We wish you all the best!
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Toni & Jim's Engagement Session

The rains couldn't stop us this morning! After the torrential downpours last night and early this morning, Toni & Jim met me just after the clearing at Bigelow State Park in Union. What a beautiful (albeit muddy) morning!

Jim & Toni were engaged at the park, so we thought it fitting to take their informal photos here.

I was just explaining to Toni how we sneak the natural poses when the couples aren't looking...isn't she stunning?

We did have a little visitor...the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the diamond ring...

Then Charlie came to help! I am in love with this pooch! He was such a good boy and he had more fun than we did!!

Toni and I were chatting as we were walking and she told me the symbolism of her jewelry. The blue ring will be her "something blue" for the wedding, and the beautiful Pandora bracelet in the background has one bead for her father (who has passed), a snowflake with a blue bead. She will have that bead incorporated into her bouquet. So sweet!

Did not set up the next shot - I just happen to see a small heart candy on the ground as we were leaving! There's love in the woods!

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