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Amy's Bridal Shower

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Wadsworth Photo Shoot

My favorite place to visit is the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown, CT. I have been working weddings there for the past EIGHT years! Wow...I took a moment and thought about my first wedding down there. I remember going on a tour with the (then) event coordinator - I felt almost intimidated by this huge, beautiful mansion. I ended up becoming friends with the ladies that work down there - and I have enjoyed meeting the new staff and being a part of the family!

And they have become a part of our family too! My kids love going to the mansion to visit - they're quite partial to Deborah's puppy, but they love Deborah & Kristy too! A few years ago, Alexandra thought Deborah lived at the mansion - I tried to explain to them that she only works there and it just couldn't translate to a 3 year old's Deborah became the Queen of the Mansion (a name that stuck!), Kristy is the princess, Riley is the royal dog, and there is Tyler the new Duke? We'll have to give him a title! ;)

So the mansion is coming out with their new brochure book for potential brides. And I have ideas...boy, do I have ideas! Here are some highlights from yesterday's shoot of ideas...I'm leaving some photos out because I want the "wow" factor of people seeing them only in the books!!

We could not have done any of this without the help of these amazing vendors:

Site - Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate, Middletown, CT
Hair & Makeup - Nora Lawrence, Providence, RI
Cake - ToriaDolce Fine Desserts and Cakes, Ashaway, RI
Dress - ESTOccasions, Storrs, CT
Birdcage Veil - Jessica McBee, Avon, CT
DJ - After Hours DJ Entertainment, Enfield, CT
Flowers - Datura Florist, Middletown, CT

Vicky did an amazing job with the cake - her inspiration was my babbling! :) I told her damask was my new obsession and then the night before the shoot, I was upset that I didn't have Casablanca on DVD (I was looking to that for inspiration)...mentioned it on Facebook (ok, whined about it...) and this is the gorgeous cake Vicky came up with. I am speechless that she got this from "damask" and "Casablanca" - can you imagine what she can do for your wedding? WOW!!

This is one of my favorite shots - I love the nooks in the mansion!

We had a few wedding {vendors} crashers! LOL! Kia & Vicky wanted to dance too! Thanks to Peter for providing the tunes!

Keep an eye out for this shot - it will be on the walls of After Hours' new office! (Yes, Bert, I got the're getting it framed!) :)
I'm obsessed with shooting THROUGH things...thankfully Pete gets me when I tell him to do weird things! I love this next shot!

Sometime you need to leave the photography to the pros - right, Kia!??

Another one of my favs - I love simple shots
The more I look at this shot, the more I LOVE it...

We really had a good time shooting - I walked away for a second and I have no clue what happened! LOL! Poor bride is so upset her cake fell... :)
Thanks everyone for a really fun shoot!!

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Amy's Bridal Shower

This afternoon I made the trek to Milford to Aldario's Restaurant for Amy's bridal shower...I have to say that I was quite pleased with the trip (thanks to the new lane added on the 91/95 merge)!

A beautiful day with a beautiful bride!

Amy's sister made this beautiful bridal gown cake for the shower! Simply breath-taking!
Nothing better than a fun bridal party!
So of course I had to have my own fun with the bride cake!
Amy is blessed to have baking geniuses (genii?) on both sides of the family! Her future sister-in-law baked all of the cookies and cupcakes!In honor of Amy's passion for scrapbooking, each table was given paper and supplies to make a page for Amy's shower book. It was a mad competition to complete the first page to be the "sample" to show the other women how it's done!Attention brides, future brides, bridal parties, bridesmaids, and other random shower guests - I thought this was THE COOLEST shower gift! Amy's bridesmaids gave her a box of hand addressed AND STAMPED thank you cards! What a fantastic and helpful idea!OK, so we all love a good a Karate Kid crane pose...right??! Not sure what was going on here - but I had a good laugh! I especially like the reactions of the girl with the white sweater and the girl all in black!Amy's reaction to the gift from her bridesmaids..hmm, what could it be?

Congratulations Amy! Thank you for sharing your special day with me! I really enjoyed getting to know everyone before the wedding! See you soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Need to hire your photographer AND a wedding planner?

As some of you may know, I am a "retired" wedding planner - in another life I owned my own business as a wedding planner. I have since was bittersweet, but I'm glad I did.

I'm glad because I recently met my WFF (wedding friend forever), Kia Martinson-Wenzel of ESTOccasions. Kia is a wedding planner, living in the next town over. I met Kia (as I do just about everyone lately) through Facebook and we became Facebook friends. Kia asked me to photograph a few events she was working, and it all began with a pair of hot boots!

Usually when I meet wedding planners, a tiny little skeptic inside my heart groans a little because...well, quite one could plan a wedding like I did (let's be honest here, right?)!! then I met Kia...I really tried not to like her...but she won. I was impressed.

So impressed that I asked her work with me to offer our future clients some super awesome values!

For everyone that books with Parsons Photography through May 31:
  • Kia will meet you and your fiance at one session and offer you a detail meeting or an in depth consultation (questions, advice, timeline, mom's questions, budget, tipping, whatever you want).
  • The cost? Nothing to you! I'll cover the fees!
How can you go wrong? :)

Email me to schedule a meeting to discuss this awesome event!
Current couples - are you interested? Shoot me out an email and we'll see what we can work out! ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Victoria & Larry's Engagement Session

What a fantastic morning Jess & I had with Victoria & Larry! We love happy couples who love to have fun...but we especially love happy fun couples who allow us to do silly things! ;)

I love this shot of Victoria!
Then we went to the playground! I love this shot, sort of looks like I set it up, doesn't it? nope, they had all the ideas!!

Yes, my friends, this is the adult underdog!

Love this shot Jess caught of Victoria going down the slide!

Then we had some more fun!!

um Larry...those aren't real!!

By far, my favorite shot of the session!

Congratulations, Victoria & Larry! We'll be seeing you real soon!!