Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amanda & Todd's Engagement Session

Amanda & Todd met Jessica and I this COLD morning in Rockville. We tried to find a warm location...but settled for the spectacular view from Fox Hill Tower in Henry Park!

The 23 degree weather had nothing on the hotness of these two - tell me I'm wrong! :)

As I said, the view is spectacular...even the ambulance drivers went out to appreciate it. They were there for the entire session...they left right after we packed up. Gee, thanks! I chose not to take it out of this shot, because I think it's a part of the story! :)

Congratulations Amanda & Todd! We're looking forward to your next WARMER session! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping green - our logo shows it!

It's been a while since I've posted a Green post - I thought about that last night as I was looking through The Green Bride Guide (awesome website, BTW! Check it out for some great inspirations). here's the latest on Parsons Photo keeping the Earth Green:

~ Our latest (and greatest) announcement is the removal of proof books. We spent the summer researching alternate methods to the proofs book and we have gone completely digital! We now download all proofs onto a digital frame so our clients can display their proofs as a slideshow, thumbnails, or download to their computer to share electronically.

~ We not only support our local farmers' market (Coventry Farmers' Market), we are volunteer photographers for the market (as a matter of a fact, you can see one of my photos and one of Liss's in the CFM's calendar this year!). Nothing is more gratifying than supporting a local business that in turns supports you back!

~ We still recycle paper, ink, etc. and Dave will be expanding our compost bin in the spring

~ We no longer offer water bottles to our guests and visitors - we have a Britta thermos that filters our tap spring water for drinking and coffee

~ We recently purchased an Energy efficient washer and dryer - the washer is a low water washer that uses high energy specific cleansers. We're saving water and energy!

~ And we still offer our Eco-friendly package as an option where all photographs are downloadable! See our website for details!

I think that's about it to update! If anyone has any suggestions, we would love to hear some!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bride's Choice Award 2010

Wow! Thank you to all of our amazing brides that voted this year for the Bride's Choice Awards! We are thrilled to have won for 2010. This award recognizes the top 5 percent of local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service and professionalism.

The Bride’s Choice Awards
are determined exclusively by recent newlyweds (brides and grooms) through extensive surveys and reviews, which means our past clients have spoken on our behalf and selected us to receive this honor. Thank YOU for this honor!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bridal Expo at the Hartford Expo Center

What a great weekend we had this weekend! We were able to meet some amazing couples and put some faces to some great vendors! Liss & Jessica experienced first hand how much fun, albeit tiring, a bridal show can be!

Here is our amazing display that was specially designed for us by my personal contractor (ok, my dad did it and he used to be a contractor...). I was pleased with how eye catching it was!!

We had to make some tweaks because the side wall was so exposed - it worked out great as our neighbors were florists and they brought some complimenting colors!Nothing is more challenging that a bunch of photographers trying to take their own photos! :) After much deliberating, these two shots were our favs! (Left to right is Jessica, Liss and me!)
Left to right on this shot is me, Jessica, Liss

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bridal Show this Weekend!

Come see us at the Bridal Expo at the Hartford Expo Center this weekend! We are all very excited to show off our new display, our (partial) new team, and our new uniforms!

Jessica, Liss, and I can be found at the really cool Green Living Room at Booth 914! We're bringing out the unexpected at this show!! If you're expecting a promotion we ran at a previous show - don't! This is all new! We have a new team, a new look, and new promos! Everyone that stops by takes home a fun prize and some couples can get some more prizes!!

I love bridal shows! They are so much fun for me!! Where else can I talk to people all day long about one of my greatest passions? (my other passion is my kids...I'll save that for another day!)

CT Expo Center
265 Rev. Moody Overpass
Hartford, CT

Saturday, January 16 11-5
Sunday, January 17 11-5

Booth 914

We hope to see you there! Stop by and say hi!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Katie and Brian's Wedding Proofs

Katie and Brian's Wedding Proofs have been released! Click on the badge below to view and purchase photos from Katie & Brian's wedding!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Photo of the Year!

The moment we have all been waiting for!! Time to announce the photo of the year and the other awards of 2009! :)

Is anyone else NOT surprised on the photo pic? :) Zack & Mallory's famous Sleeping Beauty photo has been voted Photo of the Year 2009! Congratulations! Zack and Mallory are also expecting their first child...will we see Mallory's maternity photo or the baby's newborn photo for 2010? ;) Congratulations!
The most popular wedding goes to Becky & Rich for their 7-11 wedding! Becky & Rich have dominated the votes on our proofing site, have the highest sales, and most comments on the blog & Facebook! congratulations, guys!!

The favorite non-wedding session goes to Sammie Noyes and her Tae Kwon Do Blackbelt Testing. This 11 year old sweetheart won everyone's hearts! We were flooded with comments and orders! Congrats, Sammie!!

And last, but not least, the Photographers' Pick of 2009. Mallory & Zack once again...this time riding off into the sunset! :)
Congratulations everyone! This year was so hard to chose for Photo of the Year! Start voting for your favorites for 2010! :) thanks to everyone for voting!!