Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kimberly & Bryan's Wedding Proofs released

Kimberly & Bryan's wedding proofs were released early! You can view them by clicking here or clicking the photo. Enjoy!

Mallroy & Zack's Wedding Day

On Wednesday, the news forecasted Saturday to be the "pick of the week" -- I believed them...even when thunderstorms, tornadoes, and general New England summer weather threatened. Do you know what? They were right!

Today was a perfect day...perfect to get married, take outdoor photos, and even to lie around in the grass in your wedding gown!

Mallory & Zack were married on this perfect day.

I have enjoyed the planning process with Mallory - she's silly, fun, goofy...and serious when she needs to be (just not in photos!). I have enjoyed living vicariously through her endless pre-wedding celebrations on Facebook!

And I convinced Mallory to do a "for his eyes only" photo shoot - she was fantastic! We printed one out for Zack and here she is writing him a little love note before the ceremony.

Here's Zack looking at the photo!
Zack's sister, Chantal, happened to get this off the top of her iced tea! It was too perfect!
I kid you not with the silliness...she's really saying "YESSS!"
Very cool shot by Dave!Fooling around in the limo...literally!
The reception was held at the Candlewood Inn - wow, it was amazing on a day like today! Christian and the staff were wonderful! Thank you!I think this next series is my favorite. I call it Sleeping Beauty...Evil Zack! Actually, he's just mad because Mallory stole his idea to smush the cake! :)Photo booth pics are uploaded as well! ;) Wow - what fun everyone had with the photo booth! So much fun that the poor printer couldn't spit the photos out fast enough! LOL!

Congratulations, Zack & Mallory! Don't forget to leave comments and vote for your favoite photo - Zack & Mallory can get some great prizes! They already won an 8x10 for having the #1 photo for the first quarter voted by our fans!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ella's Birthday present to her Grandmother!

You may remember our 1 year old friend, Ella (here's the link to her 1 year old photos) - love this little peanut! Well, she wanted to take a family photo for her grandmother! Here she is with Mommy, Daddy, and her aunts and uncle!
Not at all a Daddy's girl, is she? Love it!!

Tell me she's not thinking, "not now, Mom! The camera's there!"
What a beautiful family you are blessed with, Ella! :) Hope your grandmother has a wonderful birthday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Day at the Beach...literally!

We have a summer cottage in Old Lyme, CT (you may recognize some of the background photos from other sessions) - this house has been in my family for generations (my grandparents purchased it when my father was little and my grandmother actually grew up renting a house nearby). My brother and I spent every summer there until we were in college.

I love it there - it is heaven to me. I learned how to swim there (16 years of swimming lessons and countless jellyfish stings); I learned how to sail, drive a motor boat, waterski, play tennis, play softball, play baseball with the boys, kiss the boys (don't tell my parents!). I used to go to the beach to be alone, to be happy, to have a good cry, to write poetry, to paint (I actually found an old watercolor I painted in 1984 of the sunset over the field near the beach), to photograph, to love, to laugh, to sit, to sing and to dance. It's my place.

I introduced my husband to the beach and he was hooked. It's now our place.

Now my children are at the age where they appreciate "the beach house" (Alexandra is convinced everyone has a "beach house" and a "Coventry house"). And they look forward to it - it's a bigger treat than chocolate for them, well, almost! :)

Today we went to clean the house and get it ready for the summer. After vacuuming, making beds, dusting, scrubbing, gardening...I said forget it, we're hitting the beach! Here's our day:

Evanthea says Super Heros need a bike to ride to the beach
and Alexandra had to take care of her "baby" - it's actually Snoopy's sister, Belle.

As soon as they hit the sand, it was straight for the water - they're my kids alright! :)
Alexandra was the poser of this shot - Mommy had to lie in the sand (what's a photo shoot without me coming home with stuff on my clothes?) and Alexandra wanted a bewildered look...

My girls are a huge part of my world; but sometimes I forget just how small they really are in this world. The next two photos remind me of that.

OK, next shot - nothing done to the color of the image - it was seriously a creepy black cloud on this otherwise gorgeous day! I admit I pulled one of my mother's favorite phrases, "go stand over there" because I wanted them with the creepy cloud!
Closer shot with creepy black cloud

This one's for Heather - thanks for getting me into the "body part shots"! Love it! :)
Here's to a very long and lazy summer for a 5 year old and her 3 1/2 year old sister! Enjoy it, my loves!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rich and Becky's Engagement Session

Gillette's Castle, East Haddam, CT

Fun times with one of my grooms!

Sometimes people just make me laugh when things stick out. Through out their planning process, Rich insisted to Becky (his bride to be) and me that the reception will be a 4 drink minimum. At first, I had no clue what he meant (my first thought was his guests were in for a surprise) - then I realized the 4 drink minimum was for him! I had to take it an extra step...this one's for you, Rich!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dani & Duncan's Photo Session

Dani & Duncan came to the studio for a photo shoot - I had so much fun photographing them! And I really had fun watching another set of 3 year old and 5 year old siblings! They were so silly! Here are the pics to prove it!

Sibling rivalry? I think not! :)Duncan is letting his inner Abercrombe come out with this one! Doesn't he look like a model?
We had to use some of that energy!!

Dani LOVED getting her photo taken - she told me her Daddy taught her how to pose! Great job, Dad!

What a great time and what adorable kids! Love them!