Monday, January 17, 2011

#1 How I Use Facebook

I can hear the smiles on this topic...those of you who know me, know that if there isn't a post from me...well, then the world has ended! :) Bert Fonseca of After Hours DJ Entertainment calls me when I claim to take a day off - he laughs because he thinks Facebook will crash without me! ;)

I was against Facebook - I figured who has time to send updates and read what the world was up to. I reluctantly joined in 2008...then I found some classmates from high school...then I found some brides of mine...then I found some vendors...then it just exploded and became a part of my daily routine. (as a matter of a fact, I'm uploading photos as I type! LOL!)

I love Facebook - I admit it! I love reading everyone's updates, seeing other photographers' photos, reading other people's inspirations, woes, etc. I love uploading my photos, tagging my couples, then anxiously waiting for the "likes" and comments to see who liked my favorites and to read the responses. It warms my heart when I get the comments and feedback when my clients like the photos!

I love it because I have become closer with my clients as well - I am reluctant to call them clients because I think of most of my peeps as family. My Facebook "friends" have become such an amazing support network on a personal level. Recently, we have met a lot of health challenges with our 5 year old daughter and the overflowing support and concern of everyone on Facebook has been amazing. I am eternally grateful to that as that support really helped me get through that rough time.

Now, I use Facebook instead of Google...when I get a request for a wedding or portrait session, I check Facebook first to see who I'm emailing. I look up business information on FB - a lot of research can be done!

Look us up! I'm on personally (if you want the personal scoop, send me a friend request) and Parsons Photo has a business page. Maybe we'll see you online!

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