Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#49 Your Ideas And My Ideas- How We Play Together

One of my favorite things to do of late - co-marketing! Meet a friend in a similar industry and find a great product to promote together. Win-win situation!

First time I tried it this past year - I met an amazing woman, Winter Caplanson, Market Goddess of the Coventry Regional Farmers' Market (really, that's her official title! She has a shirt and everything!), who in her spare time makes soaps, Sleepy Moon Soaps to be exact. These cute, amazingly smelly, awesome soaps. I asked her what she thought about working together - together we developed Soap Poppers. Winter wraps up her end cuts (the not so perfect ends of the soaps) and packages them with the Parsons Photo label, we named them Soap Poppers (anyone out there know where the name came from? Bonus points for that!), and now I give them as thank you gifts! In return, I am at Winter's beck and call for photos! ;)

Another play together idea is happening RIGHT NOW! Well, tomorrow actually! I am working with Ashley Stone, owner of Salon Alexander and Beauty Entourage (a mobile hair and makeup crew for weddings - how cool is that?) to host a Ladies' Night of Boudoir Fashion Show. Together we're going to show how sexy every woman can feel AND look with these photo shoots!! Ashley is going to talk about hair and makeup and how they can give ladies that perfect bedroom look and Jess and I are going to show how we can photograph ANY woman and make her feel sexy and therefore LOOK sexy!I love the whole idea of "your ideas and my ideas and how we play together" - I welcome anyone who has ideas of how we can work our businesses together to benefit us both! What would you like to see??

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