Saturday, January 15, 2011

#43 My Day Job Versus My Passion

This is an easy one! I have three day jobs, which also happen to be my passions! I am a mother, a wife, and a photographer. Sometimes the order changes, sometimes my priorities shift - but I am always a mother, a wife and a photographer.

I am obsessed with my family - I love my husband and kids to death! They are funny, serious, goofy, annoying, snuggable, lovable...I can go on. But they are the center of my universe, my passion. I spend hours researching things we can do together (museums, trips, games), things to avoid (foods, ugh foods...that seems to be our latest...), and other ideas.After Dave & I started dating, I tried my hand at working a "9-5 job" in Corporate America. I worked at United HealthCare, then a prestigious law firm in Hartford. I thought that working in restaurants, events, weddings and retail my entire life, I would welcome a job with "normal" hours. The money was fantastic and I was able to sit for long periods of time...and I was bored senseless. The insurance business was copy and paste...I was confused as to why I needed a college degree to copy and paste so I went to the law firm. That was even worse...I needed two degrees to type letters to the newspaper because an attorney was mad that they delivered while he was on vacation (no lie, I really had to do it!!). BORED!

I came back to weddings and made my way back to something that intrigued me since I was

I love photographing my family - the way my husband interacts with our kids, our kids alone, hubby alone. My family intrigues me photographically.Which brings me to my next passion. Photography. I don't photograph all the time - I can't do it every day. As a matter of a fact, I left my cameras in their case for a week between Christmas and New Years. I do things like that to keep the passion alive! I love grabbing my kids with a silly idea and throwing them into the studio and photographing them. I love working weddings and when I tell a bride she looks hot - she does! I love the crazy wedding hours of leaving the house a bundle of nerves and coming home 14 hours later with every inch of my body hurting. I love it all!!So the difference between my day job and my passion? There is none!! :D

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