Friday, January 14, 2011

#23 My Mother is On Facebook

Here it is - the kickoff of the Chris Brogan challenge! (click on the label link for more details)

My mother is on Facebook - yes she is! My 62 year old hip immigrant mother has joined the community of online social media! I think it's pretty cool - she says she does it to keep up with my pics of the kids, but I think she realized that she can get gossip quicker! ;)

Seriously, my mother is one of the most technologically challenged people in the world, but she checks her email and her Facebook about once or twice a month. Then she'll call me to tell me what she read or comment on my pictures. "Mom, you can comment on the actual photo" I tell her...her response is "I am, that's why I called you" - makes sense, right? ;)

So if you're on Facebook and see a "hi" or "love you" comment from Alexa Nanos, you know it's my mom! :) Love you, Mommy!!

Here's my mom & dad with my kids at their piano recital last year!


Jenilee said...

She looks GREAT for 62!!!!

Parsons Photo said...

I KNOW, Jenilee! I'm hoping for those genes!! :)