Friday, January 28, 2011

#11 My Children Will Do it Differently

I have two kids - two girls, to be exact. Alexandra, my oldest, is 6 1/2 and Evanthea is 5. My kids are my inspiration - and not just creatively (they do give me some great ideas!). The fact that they look at the world uncensored amazes me.
We, as adults, are trained to think before we speak (well, some of us are...but that's another post altogether!) - kids aren't. They speak what pops in their minds. Some times it's off the wall, but some times it's really cool!

I actually ask my kids their opinion on things - not that I think they should run my business (although my 5 year old is ready to take soon as she can stay up past 7...), but they give me an honest answer. I ask my husband a question, and his response is generally "I don't know" or "sure"...but my kids - they'll say something's cool and get excited about it...or give me "that" look.
How will they do things differently? I hope they keep this uncensored raw instinct....but learn the fine art of negotiating with manners. I think they'll run their own businesses much more successfully - they already have technology down!
I hope they follow their dreams and do everything they want - even if it hurts them (after all, we learn through our mistakes, right?). I hope they keep their dreams big (Alexandra wants to marry her best friend, be a paleontologist and live in NYC; Evanthea wants to be a dentist and a photographer). I hope they keep reaching for the stars...and I hope a lot of people tell them they can't do anything - because that will push them to can do it!


Jenilee said...

Diane, Evanthea looks JUST like you in that last shot!!

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