Thursday, January 27, 2011

#16 Empower Your Best Customers

I firmly believe that as a business owner, I should find that delicate balance of finding new clients as well as make my current (or past) clients just as happy. As many of you know, weddings is my main focus as a photographer - so how can I make current or past clients happy?

First of all, I meet or beat ALL deadlines - that nonnegotiable. I tell them their proofs are ready in 6 weeks and email them in 3 or 5 saying they're ready. If I ask for an additional 4 weeks for their album design and it's ready in 3. I set my own bar high and I meet it. I have never missed a deadline - never.

Next, I don't treat my clients like soon as they sign a contract, they are a part of the "Parsons Photo Family". We welcome them to the family and make them feel like they're a part. About 80% of the Parsons Photo Family can tell you at the drop of a hat what's going on with my kids at this moment. That's cool, isn't it? :)

And they stay a part of our family - my favorite joke turns out to be true: "all weddings lead to Mallory". Mallory, our bride of the 2009 photo of the year, has directly and indirectly introduced us to at least 4 of our couples! And I photographed her little baby, Aiden's newborn session too! (I still plan on bringing their photo to bridal shows because we have found that at least one person knows her and we get a kick out of it!)

The photo at the top of the blog is a bridal show sign. Not mine, though! It's After Hours DJ Entertainment's sign but it's our bride - a wedding we did together. And not just any wedding, Amanda & Todd's wedding. I love Amanda - I tease her because she probably gave me the biggest challenge this year...she told me she didn't like the way she looked in her engagement photos. I know she was being self critical, but I took that as a challenge for her wedding....and I have to say that her wedding was probably my best work. We both won on that one! ;)

How do we empower these customers? Many are secrets that only our clients know of - we have fun games, incentives, secret sales, and giveaways. ;)


amanda said...

:) i love this photo! and the photographer who took it!!! we were so blessed to have you as our wedding photographer!

robit said...

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