Friday, January 21, 2011

Boudoir Fashion Show

Last night we co-hosted a Boudoir Fashion Show with Salon Alexander and Beauty Entourage (located in Newington). This idea was the brain child of the salon's owner, Ashley Stone. Ashley and I worked together to come up with this really fun and innovative way to show women what a boudoir session is and how with the fun clothes, cute hair and makeup, and some sexy poses - anyone can do a boudoir session!

Here, Ashley and I are welcoming everyone and explaining about sessions and what to expect. Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting us! Jess & I booked 8 new sessions on the spot!! We are so excited about the upcoming shoots! (It's not too late to make your reservations for Valentine's Day!!)

One of my favorite shots from the day!

I love the roll playing costumes! So much fun! great idea if you man's a cop!!

Congratulations to Theresa! She was the winner of the free session and free hair and makeup for the session!!

we had a bunch of games for the ladies to participate in. The first one was a scavenger hunt - we had everyone search the salon for the answers...I loved watching the stealthy tiptoeing around!

The next game was a blindfold runway game! I'm not going to give too much away, because I think this one is going to be a tradition!

Back to the show! LOL!

Here's another one of my favs!

Here's an homage to our flier photo - the candy lips! I loved the whole ensemble with the hair clip and the knee highs! Too flipping cute!!
Rocking the baseball jersey!
Thanks Ashley!!
Thank you to Salon Alexander, Beauty Entourage for co-hosting with us! and thank you for the amazing job on hair and makeup!! We are looking forward to working more sessions and weddings with you ladies!!

And thank you to all of the ladies who came out to support us!! we will be planning more fashion shows and we're getting ready to unveil a new surprise! Want to book your own fashion shoot? Let us know!


Reese said...

This was so much fun, thank you Diane & Ashley for hosting it! And also a big props to the models--the ladies were all beautiful, and they did a great job of showcasing the different looks. Very brave women!!

Parsons Photo said...

Thank you, Reese, for your kind words! We had a lot of fun (and the models did too - I would want to strut my stuff if I looked like them too! LOL!)!! Thank you so much for coming out to support us!!

Jenilee said...

This was wonderful!!!! I hope you do another fun event again!!! So many people were jealous I went to this teehee. It was a BLAST!!!