Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brandy & Kevin - Maternity teasers

Back in October of 2009, I was blessed to witness and document the wedding of Kevin & Brandy. Thanks to Facebook, we've remained friends! Now, they're expecting their first baby - little Gavin. And I can't wait! ;)

But in the meantime, let's photograph him from the outside!
One of my favorite shots!

How cute is this? Brandy and Jess worked together for this one! Love it and thanks to Jess for the tying trick.

Bubbles, bubbles, and a belly!
This next shot was completely by accident - completely not the look I was looking for...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glow around her! THAT'S the pregnancy glow! Love it!!

We had a full series of really hot, sexy shots - and I love one more than the previous...but alas, this blog is typically PG13! But trust me, it was boudoir, prego-style! :) Here's the PG13 shot we can post!

LOVE the necklace Kevin bought Brandy with the baby's birthstone on it!
Jess wins the prize with this one! I LOVE it!! Thanks for being a great sport, Kevin!!
Who said pregnancy isn't sexy? Brandy ROCKING the sexy pose!!
Congratulations, Brandy & Kevin! We are soooo looking forward to meeting little Gavin in February!!

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