Thursday, January 20, 2011

#4 A Community I Love

In light of yesterday's post, I have to continue on with the Coventry Regional Farmers' Market. Years ago, I saw a sign about 1/2 mile from my home, in an empty field advertising the Coventry Farmers' Market. Dave & I thought, what the heck, let's check it out - the girls (who were still in the stroller then) might get a kick out of it. We wandered around and thought it was so cool - who would have thought that one day a week, we can get fresh (and I mean FRESH) produce, meats, and other yummies LITERALLY down the street from us!Then I read in the Coventry newsletter that the market was looking for professionals to swap skills for cool discounts (who am I to pass up a good deal?). At that same time, I discovered an old (well, we're not old...our friendship goes back to the stone ages...I mean, grammar school!) friend, Jean Nelson (thanks to Facebook and the ability to post your maiden name to!) who is one of the market masters. She introduced me to Winter Caplanson, my marketing partner in crime! ;)

Ever since that first opening day on June 7, 2009 (oddly enough, it was my birthday too) - I was hooked on going to the market. I felt like the old Greek men who have to go to the coffee shops to play poker or backgammon. I was drawn there. I photographed, I bought, I talked, I reunited with old friends, and made some new ones!

Ever since then, I have become a part of the market. I currently invest in the market financially as a business partner because I believe that you need to give back to something that has given to you. I still photograph the market, but we have taken it a step further - we brought brides to the market to show how brides can shop locally for their wedding; we held a toy drive at holiday time - photographing children and families and accepted payment only with a toy or monetary donation to Rockville Hospital; we did portraits of people with their pets; portraits of grandparents with their grandkids.And what did I get in return? Amazing friendships from a fantastic little community called the Coventry Regional Farmers' Market! I reunited with grammar school friends, met new photographer friends, got addicted to unique pizzas...and saw vendors who worked just like I do - with a smile on their faces, LOVING their "jobs", and welcoming customers to their tiny 10x10 corner of the world!Thank you Coventry Regional Farmers' Market for THE community I love! :)

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Jenilee said...

The first photo has me drooling on my desk.... Please keep me posted on this market, I intend to be there this year. This looks AMAZING.